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"Leap of Faith" - Male
Celestial Heritage

"Leap of Faith" - Male

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This painting by Doc is intended to remind us that though the chasm which stretches between you seems boundless, the Savior requires that you turn from where you stand and go to Him, trusting in Him, willing yourself to make a leap of faith.

You simply supply us with a profile photo, as described in the video below -- place your order and you will receive your image files and permission letter by return email.

Your purchase will include digital image files in five sizes;

     1 page of 9 wallet size images;
     5" by 7"
     8" by 10"
     11" by 14"
     16" by 20"

and a permission letter which you may need if you have the files printed commercially.  You can then print as many of the files as you wish in each size, but the image may not be used for any commercial purposes.


To send your photo by email, just click here  doc3852@gmail.com


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